Hey there, I'm Ashley!

I am a Maine native currently living in the Sunshine State in beautiful Tampa, Florida! I’m an Air Force wife, an avid Disney adventurer, and a lover of coffee, chocolate, and Shonda Rhimes dramas. I also became a mama to a beautiful baby girl in February 2019! When I’m not at work as an Occupational Therapist, you can catch me relaxing at home or spending time with my little family at the zoo or Disney!

Capturing life’s moments through photography is my passion, and hope to be able to capture your life’s next big moment! Photographing families is MY JAM! Making your littles laugh lights me up as much as getting a smile from my own child! Although my focus is family photography I also LOVE engagements, weddings, and everything else!

I would LOVE to and be to HONORED to work with you! I’m always able to get a smile out of your stubborn little one (or a stubborn husband who hates taking pictures!)

So, click that ‘contact me’ and drop me a line, let me be your go to photography gal!